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Catalyst Lass is a net.hero created by Elisabeth Riba. See also Hell Catalyst.
Alter Ego: Catherine Anne List
Aliases: Cat, the Motivational Maiden
Primary Writer: None
Status: Co-Deputy Leader of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Free For Use


Nothing is known about Catherine List's life before the LNH or how she gained her powers and became the net.hero Catalyst Lass; she told Particle Man that she didn't like to talk about it and it was "best left forgotten."

Catalyst Lass has been a member of the LNH since at least the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, but she really stepped into the spotlight when she temporarily became leader of the LNH during Looniverse Adrift!. She lead a successful campaign against Lord Ebon, holding off all foes and, despite all odds, getting the Looniverse back to alt.comics.lnh. Afterwards, she organized the Valentine's Ball as a way for the LNH to relax, enjoy themselves, and engage in some spicy romance.

At some point in 1992, she inadvertently "catalyzed" Revamp Lass of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains into a copy of herself. This was only revealed in 1995, during a confrontation against Revampirella, Queen of the Revampires, after which the former Revamp Lass became Hell Catalyst. There's no way to tell which Catalyst Lass was which before that point; any of the above events she was involved in could have actually been Hell Catalyst. (Or, due to superposition of different states of Hypertext Time, both.)

At another point, Cat's powers were "boosted" by one of the Webs. She entered Particle Man's mind in order to help him with angst and personal problems. For a while after, they had a growing attraction and the beginnings of a relationship, but it never fully materialized, due to miscommunication, drifting apart, their dates constantly getting interrupted by net.villains, and the writers who shipped them no longer writing for the LNH.

She became one of the leaders of the LNH again during Beige Countdown. However, she was being mentally controlled by Mister Tiddles, making her into a pawn of the HexFire Club— or so it seemed. In fact, Doctor Stomper had given her a device that neutralized Tiddles's powers, and along with Hell Catalyst, she counter-infiltrated the HexFire Club, leading to their downfall in Beige Midnight.

In Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending, she was at the front line of the struggle against LAN.os and the Crossover Queen. When the Omnilooniverse was destroyed due to an excess of unfinished stories, she catalyzed it back to life. This gave her a brief flash of cosmic awareness, and she came back remembering three things about the future of the LNH. One was that she had to give the Kubrik's Kube to Merissa, which catalyzed her into a hero and led to her joining the LNH.

After WikiLull, Catalyst Lass became Co-Deputy Leader of the LNH alongside Fearless Leader and Cheesecake-Eater Lad. After using her second point of cosmic awareness to thwart the invasion of the Foo, she organized the second Valentine's Ball as a way to help Tara Gill, AKA Token Girl, find a relationship. But after Romantic Innuendo made the Ball into a fiasco to torment Cat, she lost a good chunk of her confidence; and after months of quarantine when the sabertooth virus hit, she realized that the person she wanted to be in a relationship with Token Girl was her...

They settled, nervous but ready, into a relationship. Cat returned to her tole as Co-Deputy Leader, even as the truth about the Ultimate Ninja came out...


Catalyst Lass has wildly varied and eclectic interests, which she likes to spread to others. She's friendly and outgoing, and enjoys organizing "projects" and motivating others to help out. She's somewhat ditzy, but often consciously exaggerates it so that others will underestimate her.

She's good at staying level-headed in bizarre situations, and has definite leadership abilities. She's much less confident about situations that involve her own personal feelings, which she often puts to the side to help others.

She's a romantic at heart, prolifically reading romance novels, often to the point of falling asleep mid-page. She was historically a bit of a flirt, but wasn't sure how she felt about actually being in a relationship; now that she actually is, she's figuring it out.

She keeps her quarters meticulously clean. She has a white teddy bear named Snuggle and a poster of Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory there.

Powers and Abilities

The psionic power to cause others to share her interests. At one point, her powers were psychically augmented so that she could actually enter Particle Man's mind.

Her abilities are powerful enough that she was able to cancel out Chatillon's.


Catalyst Lass has curly brown hair, and wears light blue high-collared tights with a pink jigsaw-puzzle logo on the chest.


Catalyst Lass has orbited around a number of potential romantic relationships over the years. For a time, she was romantically involved with Particle Man, and also demonstrated an interest in Invisible Incendiary (unless that was Hell Catalyst). Eventually, she developed overwhelming gay feelings about Token Girl, one of her closest friends, and after a number of struggles, they settled into a genuine relationship.

Hell Catalyst is her adopted sister. She's become a sort of mentor to Merissa, helping her integrate into the LNH.

Her alternate-universe counterparts include Heaven Catalyst of Looniverse-Dantalion and Cattle Kiss Lass of the Oddballverse.


Note that any of Cat's appearances from before Catalytic Conversions could have actually been Hell Catalyst.