Mister Tiddles

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Mister Tiddles is a evil kitty created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Tiddles, Khe Saraq
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active net.villain
Usability: Not Reserved


Mr. Tiddles first appeared in the cascade Birth of a Villain, hiding behind the facade of Khe Saraq. After the Legion defeated Saraq, he took control of Writer's Block Woman, and planned to get to Jonathan Connery through her; however, this failed when it turned out that, for some reason, he couldn't control Mouse's mind. (This may have to do with her immunity to subliminal influences.)

In the miniseries Beige Countdown, it was revealed that he'd become a member of the HexFire Club as the Beige Rook, and used his abilities to control Catalyst Lass's mind. However, it turned out that Catalyst Lass and her look-a-like Hell Catalyst tricked him into thinking that he had taken control.


A megalomaniacal manipulator, subtly accumulating power.

He likes to take naps. Just a little peaceful nap! Is that so wrong? But those humans – those noisy, stinky humans! Those stinky, noisy humans blasting their loud human music on their loud noisy human box thingees! Those stinky, noisy, stupid humans!! So, sometimes you just gotta enslave all those noisy, stinky, stupid humans so you can silence them once and for all. You just gotta.

Powers and Abilities

Can read and control minds, and communicate telepathically. Human-level intelligence.


A small white cat.