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Beige Midnight is a sequel to the never-actually-written Beige Noon, as well as the last part of the trilogy that began with Infinite Leadership Crisis and continued through Beige Countdown. It involves the return of the Bryttle Brothers, Dekay and Diskolor, and the LNH attempting to stop them from destroying the Looniverse. The ideas for the series were developed by Saxon Brenton, Lalo Martins, Martin Phipps, Rob Rogers, and Arthur Spitzer.

The series won RACCies:Favorite Miniseries in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. Imperium Hex won RACCies:Favorite Arc in 2008.

The Series

Imperium Hex

Beige Midnight #1

The Bigger They Are...: Written by Arthur Spitzer and Saxon Brenton.

The first issue involves Ripping Dancer becoming a member of the Legion of Net.Villains in order to trick them into helping her free Bicycle Repair Lad from the secret prison he's at. Both Hex Luthor and Occultism Kid are searching for the final fragment of the Cosmic Plot Device, and Occultism Kid realizes that Obscure Trivia Lad has the fragment within his artificial body. Irony Man sends Retcon Lad, Anal-Retentive Archive Kid, Net.Elementalist, Fourth Wall Lass, and Lenny the Squirrel to fight insurgents in the Middle East. The team decides to call itself the Bicycle Liberation Front. When Ripping Dancer and her team of supervillains arrive at the secret prison they run into a team of Freedom Chip-powered heroes being controlled by Irony Man.

Beige Midnight #2

[Dungeons of Freedom]: Written by Arthur Spitzer and Saxon Brenton.

Ripping Dancer and her villain team made up of Thread Bear, RobGoblin, Vector Sublime, Chuggernaut, and Commie-in-a-Metal-Suit battle Irony Man's Freedom Chippers. Ripping Dancer manages to free Bicycle Repair Lad, but for reasons only she knows stays with the Legion of Net.Villains after the mission. Meanwhile, a Freedom Chipper by the name of Twitter joins the Bicycle Liberation Front on their Middle East mission.

Beige Midnight #3

[Final Piece]: Written by Arthur Spitzer, Martin Phipps, and Saxon Brenton.

Hex finds what he believes is the final piece of the Cosmic Plot Device (it turns out to be WikiBoy. The LNH Resistance makes final preparations to battle the HexFire Club. And the Middle East Bicycle Liberation Front battles Al-Qaeda Amerika and ApocaLISP. And Mr. Nasty appears to kill the Gothic Gorilla framing Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man for the crime.

Beige Midnight #4

[Coronation]: Written by Arthur Spitzer and Saxon Brenton.

Hex tries to get World Leaders to sign a Freedom Chip Free Trade Agreement, but is interrupted by the LNH Resistance who battle Hex's Freedom Chippers as well as Mynabird's LNV. Fearing he'll lose, Hex decides to use the Cosmic Plot Device and kills the Gothic Gorilla (who faked his death in #3). A few LNHers manage to get Wikiboy (who has been edited to be a part of the Cosmic Plot Device) defeating Hex. Obscure Trivia Lad sacrifices his life by letting WikiBoy absorb the Cosmic Plot Device piece within him helping save a number of LNHers who were changed by Hex Luthor. The Middle East Bicycle Liberation Front returns with a djinn, who they use to force Hex to reveal his true agenda to the world.

The Bart Age

Beige Midnight #5

[Dice with the Looniverse]: Written by Arthur Spitzer.

Half the LNH goes out in space to battle Bart the Dark Receptionist who is now calling himself King Qwert-El and living in Ancient Qwerty so that they can get the Insanity Gauntlet and Ring of Retconn from him.

Beige Midnight #6

[Ice Caverns of Existence]: Written by Arthur Spitzer

A secret team made up of Contraption Man, Ripping Dancer, Amnesia, Doctor Stomper, Hex Luthor, Occultism Kid, and Irony Man go back to 1994 (during Retcon Hour) to put a Freedom Chip into Bart's brain. Meanwhile, the Qwerty team time travels to 1994 BC to free Bart from the Ice Caverns of Existence.

Beige Midnight #7

[Mountain Top]: Written by Arthur Spitzer

Bart battles the LNH and kills them all. But a surprise character beats him and helps resurrect the LNH back to life. The LNH return home to find that the LNH that stayed home is acting very strange.


Beige Midnight #8

[Mite Be Rulers]: Written by Arthur Spitzer

The LNH that have returned from space find a way to defeat the virus that has infected everyone on the planet (including the LNH that stayed home). Meanwhile, Mynabird raises a huge supervillain army and begins his assault on the LNHHQ. Occultism Kid goes down to Sub-Sub basement 58.5 where he joins up with various trenchcoaters to do a spell that will help the LNH defeat the Bryttle Brothers.

Beige Midnight #9

[of the Gods]: Written by Arthur Spitzer, Saxon Brenton, and Mynabird.

Hundreds of heroes battle millions of villains. Mynabird takes down the Ultimate Ninja, Kid Kirby, and Captain Continuity on his path to destroy Easily-Discovered Man Lite. The Loonited States' President ponders nuking Net.ropolis to keep the battle from spreading across the world. And Occultism Kid and the trenchcoaters begin a spell that might stop the Bryttles. But complications arise when Occultism Kid puts on the Insanity Gauntlet and gets sucked into it.

Beige Midnight #10

[Mite]: Written by Arthur Spitzer and Rob Rogers.

Occultism Kid manages to escape the Insanity Gauntlet and then uses his cosmic devices to save Net.ropolis and the LNH from the vast horde of villains (sucking them into an Elsewhirl). Unfortunately by doing so, he no longer has the power needed to stop the Bryttles. The Book of Deus ex Machinas points him toward a kid who might be able to stop the Bryttles if a Freedom Chip was put in the kid's head. Not willing to sacrifice the kid's life, Occultism Kid thinks up another solution. After battling and destroying the Book of Deus ex Machinas, Occultism Kid casts a spell, which drains up all of the power of the cosmic devices he's using. And the spell causes every single sentient being that isn't the LNH or the Bryttle Brothers to disappear from the Looniverse.

The Conclusion

Beige Midnight #11

[Week Before the End]: Written by Arthur Spitzer

Beige Midnight #12

[Last LNH Story]: Written by Arthur Spitzer