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Omega RobGoblin X-Treme is a net.villain created by Tim Benninghoff.
Alter Ego: Bob Nilbog
Aliases: Youngstud the Ravager, Robgoblin Hunter
Primary Writer: Drizzt
Status: Active net.villain in the Classic Looniverse
Usability: Not Reserved


Robgoblin was originally a member of the Cynical Six but left that group to join the Brotherhood. The embodiment of the Power Liefeld once transformed him into the cosmically-powered Youngstud the Ravager and sent him after the Legion. Occultism Kid defeated him by making him see himself as others saw him, making him reject the Power Liefeld. Mister Homage, the Brotherhood's leader at the time, was able to secure his release from prison after his defeat.

Surprisingly, he came to Kid Kirby's aid against a group of Elders of the Looniverse working for Dimwiticus, perhaps because of Dimwiticus's ages-old feud with the Power Liefeld or perhaps just becuase of the Liefeldian propensity toward incoherent violence. He was still going by Youngstud at this point, but went back to RobGoblin shortly after.

When the Power Liefeld came to him again, the conflict between desiring and rejecting it split him in two, one a human "good" Robgoblin (who was evil), the other a demonic "evil" Robgoblin (who was really evil). The "good" Robgoblin joined Daisy Dukes's villains-disguised-as-heroes team under the name Robgoblin Hunter. Eventually, they rejoined.

He joined up with the West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains when they formed up. When Lagneto left, he became leader, but after Liefeld split with DC, his heart wasn't in it, and he left the team.

It was not long after that the Power Liefeld was freed once more, and this time, the hunger for the power consumed him, making him into the even more powerful Omega Robgoblin X-Treme! More demonic, he was summoned to battle Masterplan Lad, but was sent forward along the paths of Drama...


Annoying. Thinks he is "too kewl". Laughs maniacally.

Powers and Abilities

Flies on a small "glyder" (the BloodSled). Has superstrength due to his out-of-proportion muscles. Throws tennis balls that twist the bodies of others into overmuscled forms like his own.


Large, with out-of-proportion muscles.

As Omega Robgoblin X-Treme, wears an executioner's hood and carries a bloody axe (where the blood comes from is not clear).