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The Brotherhood of Net.Villains, or BoNV for short, are a team of supervillains in the Classic Looniverse opposed to the ideals of the LNH.

Out-of-Character History

The original post by Steven Librande that launched the Cosmic Plot Device Caper was titled NET: Brotherhood of Evil.Net.Villians. During the chaotic worldbuilding that followed, the idea of a villainous team opposing the LNH came together, and the Brotherhood was born!

In-Character Details

The Brotherhood has had many different rosters, each usually linked to some specific plan or purpose. (Notably, despite the above, the original Doctor Killfile has never been a member, tho Doctor Killfile II has.)

<Cosmic Plot Device Caper - Table?>

Probably their biggest role was in the crossover The Employee-Empowered, Paradigm-Shifted, Individually-Owned, Downsized, Streamlined, Re-Invigorated Crimes of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains.

<details about the> Junior Brotherhood of Net.Villains

During Beige Midnight, the team was absorbed into Mynabird's Legion of Net.Villains; see that page for more details.

After Beige Midnight, Mister Homage and Lagneto split the group into an East Coast branch and a West Coast branch, which were subsequently taken over by Anti-Christ Lad and the Crime Empress. However, secretly, the Midwest Brotherhood of Net.Villains and their mysterious leader, Erik the Plaid, played the two against one another; Anti-Christ Lad was taken out by his own past self, and the Crime Empress was betrayed from within, leading to a new Brotherhood with members of all three united under a single banner.


Leaders of the Brotherhood include Table, Mister Homage, Lagneto, Anti-Christ Lad, the Crime Empress and Mistake (among others who will be added when we get around to it). A full list of characters who have been members of some version of the Brotherhood can be found at Category:Brotherhood of Net.Villains.

Current Membership

Post-Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, the Brotherhood of Net.Villains consists of: