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The Brotherhood of Net.Villains, or BoNV for short, are a team of supervillains in the Classic Looniverse opposed to the ideals of the LNH.

Out-of-Character History

The original post by Steven Librande that launched the Cosmic Plot Device Caper was titled NET: Brotherhood of Evil.Net.Villians. During the chaotic worldbuilding that followed, the idea of a villainous team opposing the LNH came together, and the Brotherhood was born!

In-Character Details

The Brotherhood has had many different rosters, each usually linked to some specific plan or purpose. (Notably, despite the above, the original Doctor Killfile has never been a member, tho Doctor Killfile II has.)

Like many things, the precise makeup of the Brotherhood during the Cosmic Plot Device Caper is hard to pin down; while the name was thrown around a lot, the only specific characters it was applied to were Table, who seemed to be the leader, and Professor Perhap. Other versions of the name, like the "Evil.Net.Brotherhood" and the "Legion of Net.Villains", were thrown around for a while before "Brotherhood of Net.Villains" became dominant.

The next incarnation of the Brotherhood, and the first proper "team" under the name, was created by Drizzt and debuted in The Flame Wars. It was lead by the mysterious Mister Homage, and featured both existing and new characters. The next character roster included a full membership:

Probably their biggest role was in the crossover The Employee-Empowered, Paradigm-Shifted, Individually-Owned, Downsized, Streamlined, Re-Invigorated Crimes of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains. With Mister Homage running the Brotherhood like a business, the villains were given seed money and manpower. In singles and pairs, they split up, each with their own own to make a profit off of crime!

Naturally, it all went terribly in the end, with Mister Homage in jail and Lagneto leading the scraps that remained.

<details about the> Junior Brotherhood of Net.Villains

During Beige Midnight, the team was absorbed into Mynabird's Legion of Net.Villains; see that page for more details.

After Beige Midnight, Mister Homage and Lagneto split the group into an East Coast branch and a West Coast branch, which were subsequently taken over by Anti-Christ Lad and the Crime Empress.

However, secretly, the Midwest Brotherhood of Net.Villains and their mysterious leader, Erik the Plaid, played the two against one another; Anti-Christ Lad was taken out by his own past self, and the Crime Empress was betrayed from within. This lead to a new team, with members of all three united under a single banner: the Uprising of Net.Villains!


Leaders of the Brotherhood include Table, Mister Homage, Lagneto, Anti-Christ Lad, the Crime Empress and Mistake (among others who will be added when we get around to it). A full list of characters who have been members of some version of the Brotherhood can be found at Category:Brotherhood of Net.Villains.