Captain Coredump I

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Captain Coredump is a net.villain created by wReam. See also Captain Coredump II.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drizzt
Status: Theoretically active net.villain
Usability: Not Reserved


Accidentally locked in a room with a Unix C programming project for three days, an unnamed CS grad student emerged forever twisted by the experience. Blaming a fellow student for the experience, he took on the identity of Captain Coredump... and was promptly defeated by Cliche Dude in the early days of the LNH. His hatred of the fellow student was then transfered to net.heroes in general, and thus a crusade against the LNH began.

His most successful tactic led to the crashing of the LNH's intelligent computer during the so-called Cosmic Plot Device Caper, nearly resulting in the obliteration of the LNH by Doctor Killfile. Since then, he's mostly shown up as a recurring member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains.

His legacy seems to have been passed on to another; see Captain Coredump II. However, he has also been spotted trying to bedevil The Core LNH...

According to RACC Presents Volume 1 #4, Macroman had faced a villain named Colonel Coredump in the 1980s; whether he is an earlier version of the first Captain Coredump or a predecessor is unknown.


Spiteful. Seeks complete obliteration of all heroes.

Powers and Abilities

Causes Unix C programmers no end of trouble. Considerable ability with computers. Usually carries gadgets which allow him flight, among other powers.


Obviously villainous. Black and yellow with an ominous-looking cowl over his face and a cape.