Renegade Programmer

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Renegade Programmer is a net.hero created by Joshua Dinerstein.
Alter Ego: Joshua Dinerstein
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), LNHQ systems administrator
Usability: Not Reserved


Joshua Dinerstein was the student who accidentally locked another person in a Unix lab with a ravenous C program. The other student emerged twisted and driven mad by the experience, calling himself Captain Coredump. Joshua was saved from him by Cliche Dude, an experience which caused him to want to become a super-hero himself.

He eventually joined the LNH just in time to help the Legion battle Lagneto during Jungle Cheesecake.


Hungry. Can usually be found fiddling with the LNHQ's computer system.

Powers and Abilities

Is good with computers. Tries to be cool, but fails.


Fat. Has a beard. Doesn't wear much of a costume, but then he actually battles villains face-to-face very rarely.