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Fan.Boy was a Classic LNH series written by Jamas Enright about the adventures of Fan.Boy, obsessive fan extraordinare!


Fan.Boy started off as a light series about Barry Knewbee, LNH reader, being sucked from the real world into the Looniverse and acting like... well, a fanboy. It slowly grew more serious, with issue #14 ending on a deadly cliffhanger – and, apparently, the whole series ending right there.

The next year, the writer started up Alt.Riders – a series in which a living but powerless Barry Knewbee showed up, gained new powers, and joined the team as the Net.Elementalist. The first twelve issues of Alt.Riders were spent in this state of affairs until Jamas went back and told the rest of the story, ending the series and setting up the Alt.Riders status quo with issue #22.


The entire series can be read on the Eyrie Archive here.