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Jamas Enright was a prolific RACC Writer from New Zealand, covering the LNH and beyond from silly to serious.


In 1995, Jamas leapt into the LNH with Fan.Boy, a tale about a normal fan who's sent into the world of the characters he's a fan of, and Elsewheres, exploring the Loonivearth outside Net.ropolis. With Saxon Brenton, Ben Rawluk and Campbell March, he created Blue Light Productions, a group of writers promoting each other's work and crossing over.

Elsewheres started fairly serious, and Fan.Boy rapidly got more so, with the former becoming World Tales and the latter giving way to Alt.Riders. He co-wrote with a bunch of other writers and became the maintainer of the Authors' List, the LNH Roster, and the LNH Website – AKA some of the progenitors of this wiki! He also had the very serious and important job of hitting Saxon with a shoji mallet.

He continued writing into the '00s, architecting the War Without Worlds event with Saxon, putting out the weekly maxiseries Drabble Girl: 52 Drabbles, and becoming one of the primary writers of the Infinite Leadership Crisis. But after the ILC, he took a hiatus, and when he came back, it was with the silly machinima-based series Team Xero. Since 2012, he seems to have disappeared again, gone, but not forgotten...


In 2005, he won RACCies:Most Improved Author, and in 2011, he was the winner of the 24th High Concept Challenge.

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