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Misfits was an ongoing Classic LNH series by Jennifer Whitson, featuring the adventures – and feelings – of a bunch of weird magical teenage girls.


One cold night at LNHHQ, a dimensional gate opened in the middle of the front lawn and spat Paytan, Brittany, and Savannah out. Please, don't mess with the goldfish.

Starting off on a typically absurd note, Misfits gradually transformed into a dark supernatural adventure drama – kind of a Lunaverse series avant la lettre. Issues #3-4 crossed over with Kid Kiwi's Kommandos, while #18-23 crossed over with Fan.Boy. Later issues crossed over extensively with Teens in Trenchcoats.



The series won RACCies:Favorite Acraphobe/Adult in 1998 and 2000.

Where to Read

Misfits can be read on the Eyrie Archive here.


On Earth-20, Misfits is a highly popular young adult novel series of which Nerf Girl is a fan.

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