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Dvandom Force was the Classic LNH series chronicling the ongoing adventures of Dvandom Force, a team of net.heroes battling corrpution and tryanny across spacetime, while struggling with trauma and rolling with silliness! Written by Dave Van Domelen, it picks up where the thirty-six issues of Constellation left off, running all the way to issue #100.

Where to Read

The series can be read on the Eyrie Archive over here, or on Dave's own site over here.

Issues and Storylines

  • #0: A summary of Constellation and pre-Constellation stories, to get the new reader caught up properly.
  • #37-42: Crisis on Earth-Goon: The Little Man isn't happy about Dvandom Force muscling in on Sig.ago, but when radio rejects Per Annum and the Infra-Humanite twist time itself, will the ridiculousness of British humor win out over the normal kind of ridiculousness we get around here? Plus, the Newbie Syndicate of Earth-September and the multiverse-spanning schemes of Acton Lord, in a story that could only be called... CRYSYS ON YNFYNYTE TYMS!
  • #43-45: Writing Chance: Sig.Lad's powers are destabilizing! A figure brings ominous tidings of a dark future! What could happen if our heroes fail?
  • #46-48: X-Post Facto: This could! Our heroes have failed! The dark future is here! How can we stop it? Can we stop it??
  • Annual #1: "In Memoriam": The aftermath, the funeral, and mourning among the LNH. Featuring segments by Steve Hutchison, Rob Rogers, Jamas Enright, Mike Escutia, Saxon Brenton, Jeff McCoskey, and Specter!
  • #49-61: Grand Tour: A spectacular crossover with the Superguy series Team M.E.C.H.A.! An overlord manipulates the fates of two universes, bringing together the villains of two worlds in a great plan to restore his dark future. The heroes of two worlds race towards a meeting in their giant robots!
  • #62-65: Born To Be Run: Slowing down after the big crossover, we slide into Kid Macro's high-speed backstory!
  • #66-72: The Sig Files: A foe from Sig.Lad's past! A darkness in Kopikat's present! Internal pressures build, and the team threatens to shatter apart!
  • #73-84: Century Pact: An old threat rises from the shadows, working not by force, but by insidious manipulation of the public viewpoint! Can Dvandom Force strike at a phantom foe? Can they do so without painting themselves as the villains – and should they?
  • #85-89: Loose Ends: Dvandom Force has fought a lot of villains, and those villains have left a lot of loose ends behind! Now it's time to clean them up! Final showdowns, one and all!
  • Annual #2: "RACC Soup": Pure silliness, as the talk shows of the late '90s intersect with the heroes and villains of the RACC imprints!
  • #90-96: The Death Duck Saga: Lynk is now a queen of dreams – but dreams are a vast and endless world, with powers and threats unknown! Who is... the DEATH DUCK?
  • #97-100: Gotta Catch Em All: Shane Boxer is a man out of time, who feels a man without a place. But when the Hackemon arrive and take the one thing he's good at, he goes on a quest to be the best, like no one ever was – before it's too late!
  • And there's also #66.6, a really silly crossover one-shot guest-starring Fan.Boy and Faq Boy by Jamas Enright, but the Dvandom Forcers would prefer not to talk about that.

Universes and Timelines Visited


Dvandom Force won RACCies:Favorite Series and Accies:Favorite Series, as well as RACCies:Favorite Arc and Accies:Favorite Arc (for Born To Be Run) in 1996. In 1997, it won the Accie for Favorite Series again, and in 1998, Annual #2 won Accies:Favorite Single Issue. In 2009, the series was inducted into the RACC Hall of Fame, as was the X-Post Facto arc.


As you might expect from all of the awards, Dvandom Force is often considered one of the best LNH series of all time. Most later LNH writers have been influenced by it in one way or another.

Because Dave Van Domelen threw his characters into the communal pool to be reimagined for LNH20, much of it involves remixed characters and plot elements from Dvandom Force.

It also had a spinoff/continuation of sorts in Dave Van Domelen's own Superguy series Exarchs and New Exarchs.