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Coppermane is a net.villain created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Cornelius Van Runt
Aliases: The Little Man
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Active net.villain and organized crime lord
Usability: Usable With Permission


Cornelius Van Runt rose slowly and carefully through the Sig.ago mob scene until he controlled the city's illegal activities in the late 1960s, running a large criminal organization with many minions including the Constellation Gang. Despite incursions by the Yakuza in the 1970s, he held his grip on the city against even figures like the Queen Bee, until his ill-advised alliance with DeFacto V left him crippled and near death.

His pet mad scientist refitted him with a powerful cyborg body, and he set out for revenge against Dvandom Force (since DeFacto was now dead) and the Queen Bee (who had moved in to take over "his" city during his recovery). He broke into the Dvandom Force HQ and tried to take them down one by one, but was defeated by the newly humanized Kat. Severely damaged in his attempt on Dvandom Force, he was offered a place in the Century Pact, and reluctantly accepted. He used the resources of the Pact to launch both subtle and not-so-subtle attacks on Queen Enterprises.



Art by Dave Van Domelen, 2/28/97

An opportunist, but also careful; you don't make it to the top of the organized crime business any other way. Vengeful as well, and doesn't always keep his lust for revenge in check.

Powers and Abilities

A state-of-the-art cyborg enhanced with autorepair systems and other goodies thanks to technology from 2077, Coppermane's body was rebuilt and enhanced by Darkheart and Steelwind. Strong, fast, armored, possessed of numerous enhanced sensory systems and modular weapons systems. His long flowing "hair" is actually a heat-exhaust system composed of monofilament wires which can get hot enough to melt through softer metals when Coppermane is at full power output.

As The Little Man, he had no powers other than his grasp on both the underworld and the business world of Sig.ago.


Visually, is based on the cyborg from the anime M-66 Black Magic, with a genderswap and a new palette.