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The Constellation Gang are a sentai-inspired villain team who were recurring mid-boss enemies of Dvandom Force. They were originally minions of Cornelius Van Runt, AKA the Little Man, the then-ruling gangster of Sig.ago. They were given sentai-esque powersuits to stop the Yakuza from encroaching on Van Runt's territory.

When Dvandom Force came to Sig.ago, Van Runt needed a force strong enough to face them, and DeFacto V gifted him with RoboMACs technology to upgrade them. They now not only had greatly more powerful suits, but mecha of their own. They put up a good fight against Dvandom Force before being defeated by their enemies' own combiner, FireTsar.

When Van Runt was himself upgraded into Coppermane, the Constellation Gang signed on with the Century Pact. Orion, using the alias Hunter Red, ran a trucking company which was a front for the Pact to recruit new operatives.

Since the Pact's fall, they've served as minions of various other enemies of Dvandom Force. Baron Umlaut gave them mystical weapons to stop Rotanna from preventing his ascension. The Death Duck gave them different magical powers, transforming them into the Slipstick Knights of dir/na/nog>.

They are: <put in later>

Their original combiner was the Hercules Robo. As the Slipstick Knights, they had the power to form Pyre-Ate, the Dragon of Warez.


The Constellation Gang are inspired by Marvel's Zodiac Cartel; notably, they're based on non-zodiac constellations.

Their later identity, the Slipstick Knights of dir/na/nog>, is a parody of Saban's in-house toku series, Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog.