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From Dave Van Domelen, 5/2/97: Dvandomforce rebel from the future of 2077, he switched minds with a normal joe in the present in an attempt to stop the creation of DeFacto V. He failed, but ended up trapped and powerless in the 20th Century, but in the wake of the Century Pact gained new powers from the servants of the tyrant he worked to overthrow! Unfortunately, this picture really didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked. Oh well.
Matrix is a net.hero/dystopian rebel/Hackemon trainer created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Shane Boxer
Aliases: John Q. Smith, Constellation II
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Exploring the Omnilooniverse
Usability: Usable With Permission


In the year 2077, DeFacto V ruled the world with an iron fist. Shane Boxer was a member of Dvandomforce, the only rebel movement in this totally ordered dystopia. But Eagle, head of Dvandomforce, had a plan – to send the mind of a single agent back in time to prevent DeFacto V's creation. Shane would be that agent, traveling back into the body of his own ancestor, John Q. Smith. Unfortunately...

Shane went on to infiltrate the Century Pact, a secret organization founded by DeFacto's former lieutentants Darkheart and Steelwind. He soon tipped off Dvandom Force as to the Pact's true nature, but was then found out by Steelwind. He narrowly escaped and made it to Dvandom Force HQ.

Shane joined Dvandom Force to help them deal with the Pact's loose ends. But he never truly felt like he belonged on the team or fit into the context of the present-day Looniverse, though he developed feelings for Rotanna.

One day, he was attacked by a Hackemon, another of the Pact's creations, which caused him to lose the powers the Pact had given him. At the behest of the Hackemon scientist Mr. Elm, he went on a quest to restore his powers by becoming a Hackemon Master! But Elm was in fact Mew2K, an evil Hackemon who plotted to rule the world by taking advantage of the Y2K Bug.

From Dave Van Domelen, 12/11/99: In Dvandom Force #100, Shane Boxer became the new Constellation, as seen here. The costume design is somewhat a parody of the "Dark Flash" costume introduced in Flash #150, although in this pose it's not as obvious. Rather than coloring this piece, I painted it. The black is a gloss acrylic enamel. I laid down a sort of nebular background on the body with light grey, but that barely shows up in the scan. Then the metallic bits and the stars were added with white acrylic paint. The energy construct around him was painted grey with splatterdabs of white. Sky blue and grey paints were used for highlights on the metal bits.

Mew2K and his legendary Hackemon left Shane near dead – but the Hackemon that Shane had collected came to his rescue, giving him new powers by merging with him and forming a new being called Matrix. Together they became a cosmically-powered hero – a new Constellation! After defeating Mew2K, he left the Looniverse behind to find himself among the dimensions just as the original had – but not before Anna gave him a goodbye kiss. He hoped to someday return to Loonivearth, and Anna, when he had more of a sense of who he was.


A dedicated fighter and spy. Good at concealing his true nature and goals. Was a bit confused during the time-jumping, but pulled himself together soon after.

Powers and Abilities

In DeFacto V's timeline, Shane had a Series Five Cyclo-heart, allowing him to grow an armored shell with a plasma cannon and flight capabilities by tapping the pressure patch over his heart and shouting "DVANDOMFORCE!" In this form, he could connect to a larger RoboVector[1] and control it.

Upon infiltrating the Century Pact, he was given a similar set of powers through nanotech liquid metal armor.

After merging with the Hackemon, he gained energy projection and dimension-shifting abilities similar to Constellation's, and the ability to create a powerful mecha-like energy construct by shouting his old heroic battlecry of "DVANDOMFORCE!"

Besides his various superpowers, his experience as a dystopian-future rebel gave him strong intelligence-gathering and infiltration skills.


In his original body, Shane was tall and muscular. John Q. Smith's body was significantly less so.


Named after Ben Boxer from Jack Kirby's Kamandi and Shane Gooseman from The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.



  1. Not to be confused with the giant robot combiner Vector in Birth of a Villain. Or, for that matter, the Vector from Dvandom's Superguy series Crazy Guy.