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The Omnilooniverse is the sum total of all universes that can be considered "alternates" of the Looniverse. In practice, this basically includes all universes that appear in the LNH and related imprints that don't originate in some other imprint. Despite its infinities, it is only part of the rec.arts.comics.creative multiverse, which in turn is only part of the Usenetverse, which is part of the Internetverse...

Alpha Looniverses and the Deep Omnilooniverse

During Beige Midnight, a staggering number of new universes were created. The pressure of this caused the Omnilooniverse's structure to shift, creating two linked multiversal structures; the Alpha Looniverses, generally those rooted in the superhero genre (with a number of narratively-appropriate exceptions), and the Deep Omnilooniverse, full of the weird stuff. Looniverse-Astaroth, the former alt.comics.lnh, links the two.

Deep Omnilooniverse worlds are often named after demons from the Ars Goetia. Captain LNH is the Defender of the Deep Omnilooniverse. See also Doctor Stomper's Guide to the Deep Omnilooniverse.

Some have referred to Chaos Gods that reign over the Deep Omnilooniverse, but how real they may or may not be (and how much that matters given the nature of magic) is unclear. Perhaps they are the Deep Omnilooniverse's reflection of the RACelestials.

A Naming of Worlds

(Named by narratively central planet if the universe never got its own name)

Alpha Looniverses

Deep Omnilooniverse

Temporary Worlds