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[Ah, Idyllic, Ignorant Imnotsure. City of uncertainties, where anything can happen except knowing exactly what's going on. Don't like the laws of physics? Cross the street and they may or may not change. I'm not sure.]
Dvandom Force #50

Imnotsure is an interdimensional city, like many others in the Omnilooniverse, but with an important difference – you can never be totally sure if you're there, and you can never be totally sure you're not there. If you seem to be there, no matter how long it's been, there's always an outside chance you're really in one of the dimensions abutting it. And if you seem not to be there, it might be as easy as taking one wrong turn to end up there.

Dvandom Force took such a turn as Skysabre was testing their new interdimensional travel device, ending up in a fight against

Imnotsure is a parody of/homage to the city of Cynosure from John Ostrander's Grimjack. alt.cynosure may be the pre-Retcon Hour version of Imnotsure.