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"Alt.cynosure, sweet cynical alt.cynosure. Where the Internet meets. A multi-dimensional newsgroup that all newsgroups crosspost to at one time or another. The laws of net.reality in alt.cynosure vary from posting to posting. Wit works here. Logic works there. Flames work everywhere."
GrimSloth, Wrath of the Administrator

The thoroughly disreputable interdimensional nexus-city-newsgroup of alt.cynosure is home to Munden's Bar, and Munden's Bar is home to the trenchoater GrimSlut, er, Sloth. It is, of course, a parody of Cynosure from John Ostrander's Grimjack.

The effects of Retcon Hour caused Munden's Bar to resemble a certain cafe from a certain classic black-and-white movie for a time. Imnotsure may be the post-Retcon Hour version of alt.cynosure.