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GrimSloth is a trenchcoater created by Stewart Fyfe. See also GinJack.
Alter Ego: Stew
Aliases: Don't call him GrimSlut, OK? Or GrimLad, for that matter.
Primary Writer: None
Status: Bartender of Munden's Bar, member of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade
Usability: Usable With Permission


In his own words:

"Alt.cynosure, sweet cynical alt.cynosure. Where the Internet meets. A multi-dimensional newsgroup that all newsgroups crosspost to at one time or another. The laws of net.reality in alt.cynosure vary from posting to posting. Wit works here. Logic works there. Flames work everywhere.
"My name's Stew, but out on the streets I'm known as GrimSloth. Call me lurker. Call me EE. Call me trenchcoater. I am all that and more. People looking for me can usually find me at my place, Munden's Bar, in alt.cynosure.
"If you can't find me at Munden's, leave a message with the bartender, Martin, or email something to Janice, my IDC-326 Pocket Secretary. Martin's the best bartender in town; he's been working for me for quite some time now. Sometimes, he reminds me of an old friend, Gordon. And Janice? She's not top of the line, but she's got a good head on her shoulders. (Even if she doesn't have any shoulders.)
"Oh, you want an Origin? Well, my past is something I usually try to forget. It's not something I'm proud of, y'know? I'm GrimSloth. You want any more than that, you're SOL."

GrimSloth is a member of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade, and when the demon Burak Racey, agent of the Universal Office, came to hunt him down, he called in others for help. Later on, he joined together with other trenchcoaters in Chicago to take the fight to the Office.

During Retcon Hour, he was pulled into the reality-warping chaos and found himself temporarily turned into GrimLad of the Legion of Occult Heroes. (It was later revealed that a real !rimLad, his counterpart, had actually existed in the LOH's destroyed homeworld.)

Much later, during Beige Midnight, he teamed up with Doctor Deadbeat to carry out a quest for the Dvandom Stranger. They quickly decided they'd had enough heroing, and would rather visit the world of the Naughty Teenage Babes.


Determined, resourceful, keeps a lot of secrets.

Powers and Abilities

GrimSlut, er, Sloth is a detective and mercenary of sorts, who dabbles in magic when necessary. He carries with him a number of magical/technical devices, usually specific to the case he's on. He has more at his various safe-houses. He contains a lot of raw, untapped, uncontrollable magic of some sort that tends to fry people when unleashed. It seems to be somehow linked to "the Dark", but the connection is not clear. He is doomed to be eternally reborn whenever he dies. And perhaps most importantly, he tends to wander around in "the Dark," especially when drinking. (The Dark is a deeply depressed, morose state of mind, though that's a bit of an understatement. Hunt up some old issues of GrimJack for more details.)


A man in a black or dark purple trenchcoat, depending on which one he feels like wearing.


GrimSloth is based on GrimJack – the Jim Twilley incarnation, to be specific.