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Major Denis Bludwulf is a presumably heroic idiot created by Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan and Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Fortnightman, Bludwulf, GinJack
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Semi-active detached member of Dvandom Force and former member of the Fifth Royal Pakistani Deserters. He's in condition tonight! Aiowwww!
Usability: Usable With Permission


Fortnightman was a member of the Society of Wireless Heroes in the 1950s, a less-well-known group active after PULP and before the Net.astic Nine. While the rest of them faded from the limelight (in the mainline Looniverse, anyway; see Earth-Goon), Fortnightman drifted into the modern day when he was hired as a Zeppelin pilot by Dvandom Force.

Later, he became Liefeldized by one of RobGoblin's tennis balls, turning him muscular and misshapen (which contrasted nicely with his cowardice and lack of competence) and leading to him going by Bludwulf.

Still later, after being de-Liefeldized, he ended up traveling to alt.cynosure and becoming known as GinJack. Unfortunately, this lead to him attracting the attention of and The Werk, but he managed to run away from that as well as anything.

Since then, he's continued to appear occasionally in gag roles.


From Dave Van Domelen's art site: During his Liefeldisation Programme. Text beneath the smoke reads "Apologies to the BBC." Penguins are saying "Squawk!" and "Honk!" 10/13/94

Rather insane ex-Indian Army deserter type. Based on a British humor program character (or British humour programme character).

Powers and Abilities

Variable. Able to run away very effectively. As Bludwulf, he was Liefeldized and had appropriate abilities. Master penguin wrangler and zeppelin pilot.


A tall ragged gentleman with sparse hair swept back and up as if ironed there, and a pith helmet resting on his knobby balding head. Speaks in a quivering, campy voice. His mustache is best left unmentioned.

As Bludwulf, horrifically muscled, yet with tiny hands and feet.