Society of Wireless Heroes

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The Society of Wireless Heroes were an absolutely ridiculous net.hero group from Looniverse-A's Golden Age. Yes, ridiculous even compared to a world that's regularly referred to as "the Looniverse". I know, I know.


The SWH was largely active post-war, though they have occasionally shown up in tales from the WWII era. Based in Eng.LAN.d, they fell apart (as a group and, in some cases, as individual members... you dropped yer knees, mate) around the late 1950s, but had a few reunion adventures with the Net.astic Nine in the early 1970s.

In the alternate timeline known as Earth-Goon, they were the only successful net.hero team in the world, partially due to the manipulations of Per Annum and the Infra-Humanite, partially due to their own incompetence bollixing up everyone else.



The SWH are based on the characters of the classic 1950s British radio humor program (or humour programme) The Goon Show, mixed with the Justice Society of America.

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