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The Infra-Humanite is a villainous idiot created by Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan and Dave Van Domelen. See also the
Alter Ego: Count Jim 'Not That Moriarty' Moriarty
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Stranded in the Booniverse
Usability: Usable With Permission


At one point, Count Jim Moriarty planned to transplant his brain into a gorilla, but the gorilla declined, feeling it would be an evolutionary step down. So his good friend Per Annum knocked him out and stuffed him into a gorilla costume, and the not-so-deadly Infra-Humanite was born!

In the postwar era, he and Per Annum tangled their sinews with the Society of Wireless Heroes on a regular basis, and as a member of Y.E.T.I., he helped turn other people into human-ape hybrids, which must have been at least a little satisfying.

In the '90s, they contrived to cooperate with notorious Sig.ago gangster Cornelius van Runt, AKA the Little Man, to go back in time and wipe out Dvandom Force. In fact, due to using one of Acton Lord's discount used time machines, they created a timeline, Earth-Goon, where the SWH were the only heroes, all the others having been bollixed up by their incompetence, and van Runt ruled supreme over the underworld. Dvandom Force traveled to Earth-Goon to unravel their sinful plans, and the whole thing ended on a comedic anticlimax.

Somethetime thereafter, some version or other of the Infra-Humanite ended up as a member of Doctor F's Union of the Useless, sans Per Annum's comforting sadism. But they found each other once more, and the Infra-Humanite helped to rebuild Y.E.T.I. and merge Earth-Loon with Earth-Boon. He was briefly amalgamated with Professor Prime-8, but taken to pieces after the Challengers of the Abominable stopped their deviltry, and put into a Booniverse jail.

Naturally, it was after this that someone not unlike the Gooniverse version of the Infra-Humanite got in on the quest to find the Interdimensional Digestive Biscuit.


Oft-cringing master(???) criminal. Is convinced he's an actual for-real gorilla now. Says "aiowwwwww" a lot.

Based on Spike Milligan's performance as the character of Count Jim Moriarty on 1950s British comedy radio programme The Goon Show, by way of parody of the Ultra-Humanite.

Powers and Abilities

Couldn't say.


Wears a fairly unconvincing gorilla suit.