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Y.E.T.I. – Yesterday's Evil, Tomorrow's Infamy! In the post-World War II era, human-ape hybrids began appearing, first in Bosto.net, then across the world! The diabolical Sasquatch Prime was using the Quantum Ape Accelerator to send the simians of the Booniverse into human bodies! But the Challengers of the Abominable challenged their evil, and Golden Lord sacrificed himself to send Sasquatch Prime to the Quantum Zone!

But the spirit of evil is hard to stamp out! And the devious deviltry of Per Annum, the Infra-Humanite, and Professor Prime-8 – eighth clone of Sasquatch Prime – resurrected Y.E.T.I. from the ashes! A plan was launched to use quantum fusion to take over both the Looniverse and the Booniverse!

They were stopped – this time! But will tomorrow's infamy rise again?