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Master Workload is the personification of an aspect of reality. He/it represents the use of the Internet for work and work-related purposes. It/he was created by Dave Van Domelen.


Master Workload and his equal and opposite counterpart, Lord MUDD, have existed since the beginning of the Usenetverse. Some accounts have them being created by primordal entities known as the Net.Gods and Net.Trolls, while others have them springing directly from the Source Code, baked into the understructure of existence. The Multi-Tasker was created to keep the balance between them.

At some point, the Multi-Tasker abandoned its duties, allowing Master Workload freer rein in meddling with the Looniverse. Its first known incursion was an attack against alt.comics.lnh...

Afterwards, its schemes became more subtle (relatively speaking). When Sig.Lad and Kopikat tried to use a chunk of Plotdevicium to cure Sig.Lad's physical instability...

When Dvandom Force went to the interdimensional city of Imnotsure, Master Workload sent his servant after them, but held itself above further personal vendettas. When Jubatis attempted to reboot the universe...'s power was proven when Master Workload attempted to control the power of the Mechanical Author. matched it in a pitched battle, then laid down the cosmic law.


Master Workload manifests as a perfectly rendered head of a member of the viewer's species. It often manifests in the midst of a three-dimensional fractal pattern as a manifestation of mathematical purity on all scales.

In another world, Master Workload is known as The Werk, a spiky alien creature (and a parody of The Merk from Mike Baron and Steve Rude's Nexus).