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Jubatis is a net.villain created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: The Warlord
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Merged with Master Workload, effectively deceased
Usability: Reserved


The bizarre and tragic story of Jubatis began when Kat, isolated and desperate for intimacy, broke Macroman's trust by entering into his erotic memories without his knowledge. This act of violation created a separate intelligence within Macroman's artificial nervous system, which took the name of Jubatis after the scientific name of the cheetah – the speedy cat.

Jubatis then began a complex and temporally tangled plan to get revenge on his parents, become independent of Macroman and create a more efficient universe. He arranged a time paradox where, taking on the identity of The Warlord, he would threaten the world with a time machine that would allow him to retroactively impose the McQuary Limit [1] on all of history. Macroman would then stop the time machine by entering into it, split off from Jubatis, and go back to his final death – while Jubatis would go back to become the Warlord and enact his plan with a now-activated time machine.

But he didn't reckon on the possibility that Macroman's final death wouldn't be final after all, or the interference of Kat's other "child," sig.ma. sig.ma manifested and offered Jubatis wholeness by merging with him – but, not wanting to be part of another's body again, Jubatis refused, committing suicide by diving into Master Workload instead.


Cunning and smug. Full of bitterness and resentment.

Powers and Abilities

Had all the superspeed of his father and all the strategic acumen of his mother. Also had a good bit of super-scientific knowledge.


Never fully described. Often appeared as a shadowy figure with only his smile visible.



  1. A netiquette rule that .sig files shouldn't be larger than 4 lines of 80 characters each, named after the founder of alt.fan.warlord.