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Plotdevicium is a metafictional element used in the manufacture of Plot Devices. It can do nearly anything, as long as it wouldn't be more interesting for it not to be able to do that. Plotdevicium ore can be found many places in the crust of the Looniearth, which raises a lot of questions that probably won't be answered. It is a rare element that exists exactly in proportion to how much the Writers need it. Its atomic number is unspecified, and possibly irrational.

While regular plotdevicium is so versatile that it can cover most storytelling needs, sometimes you just need to go to the next level:

  • Anarchic plotdevicium is one of the rarest elements in the Looniverse, formed when one cascade crashes into another.[1] While an ordinary plot device has a single, predictable effect, anarchic plotdevicium's effect is different every time.
  • Siberian neo-plotdevicium is a replacement that's cheaper on the budget, though it may not work as intended.

See also Unobtainium and Awesomenium.


  1. Which, interestingly, anticipated the concept of Iso-8 (a Marvel Universe cosmic MacGuffin mineral produced by event stories) by about a decade.