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Rob Liefeld, Image founder, purveyor of Big Guns and Senseless Violence and non-drawer of feet, was undeniably a pervasive influence on 1990s comics in the collector boom era. So it's not surprising he was referenced in many LNH stories as well, sending up the excesses of Image's boom years.

RobGoblin was a Liefeld-powered villain who plagued the LNH in its early years. He was approached by the embodiment of the Power Liefeld [1] the twisted opposite of the Power Kirby, which powered him up into Youngstud the Ravager. This being was an extremely powerful destructive cosmic force who had spent ages warring with Dimwiticus, Devourer of Dimensions, who called it "The Distorter." A spell by Occultism Kid led to RobGoblin rejecting the Power Liefeld, but it still lay in wait, knowing RobGoblin wouldn't give up after his first taste of power...

RobGoblin also had grenades that could Liefeldize his enemies, which he used on Limp-Asparagus Lad and Bludwulf.

Another manifestation of Liefeld was Robbing Lie-Fild, a con artist and minor nuisance of Continuity Champ who became Mister Homage, leader of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains.

Liefeld's Porpoise was a typical example of Liefeld's angry, muscly cyborg gun-havers, apart from being, well, a genetically altered porpoise.


  1. As The Power Kirby may be an expression of the Source Code, the Power Liefeld may be a kind of Qlippothic version of it, similar to The Immortal Hulk's One Below All.