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The "Power Kirby" is one of the Looniverse's most potent forms of elemental creative power, embodying the explosive "rock-em-sock-em" imaginative energy of the "King" himself!

According to one account[1], the Power Kirby is in fact an expression of the Source Code, the creative power of all life in the universe, channeled thru those creatively inspired by Jack Kirby's work – or something like that but more cosmic.

As Kirby's work was a pervasive influence on sci-fi and cosmic superhero narratives, many cosmic beings and cosmically-powered heroes wield the Power Kirby, such as Alt.lactus and Kid Kirby (naturally). It can also be channeled through artificial Kirbytech devices.

Sometimes wielders of the Power Kirby can go into Orion-esque berserker rages, as happened to Sing-Along Lass when the Dorfian general Taup tried to harness the Power Kirby by experimenting on her.

The Power Kirby enhances its wielders' capacity for both good and evil, drawing them into sharp moral extremes. According to Kid Kirby, "The Avatar of the Power Kirby must be the best of the good or the worst of the bad."[2]

A connection to the Power Kirby often leads people to use "unnecessary quotation marks" in the distinctive style of Kirby's 70s work.

Those few who have studied this power on Earth-20 refer to it as Kurtzberg Radiation.