Sing-Along Lass

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Sing Along Lass is a net.hero created by Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes.
Alter Ego: Carina Paschall
Aliases: Carina, the Kirbian
Primary Writer: Jameel al Khafiz
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


Sing-Along Lass was retconned into LNH continuity during Cry.Sig. She became Kid Kirby's Herald after The Comics Connection.

She went into battle with Kid Kirby against Dimwiticus, Devourer of Dimension and helped defend him in his trial by the Living Moderator.

When Kid Kirby and Sing-Along Lass faced off against a group of Elders of the Looniverse who tried to steal the Power Kirby on Dimwiticus's behalf, a dying Kid Kirby transferred all his power into her to keep it out of their hands. This caused her to transform into the wrathful, cosmically-powered, capslock-speaking Carina, the Kirbian, who came close to destroying her friends and teammates. When Kid Kirby turned up alive, Carina returned all her power to him, becoming a mortal again.[1]

She continued to associate with Kid Kirby, and when they were together at an exhibition at the LNH Thrift Store at the Net.ropolis mall, they were attacked by the cosmically-powered stone-skinned Merrax the Maimer. Sing-Along Lass aided Kid Kirby and his teammates in defeating him, and discovered she was none other than her own cousin, Lilly, transformed by baleful cosmic power!

Carina became close friends with the Dorf half-breed Vel after he was retconned into existence. The cybernetic Dorf general Taup captured her and attempted to experiment on her to gain control of the Power Kirby, and Vel and his allies came to her rescue. As a result of Taup's experiments she briefly regained the Power Kirby and went into a sort of berserker rage, killing him.

She is famous enough as a net.hero to have a karaoke joint, the Sing-Along Cafe, named after her.


Perky. Very much the "girl next door" type. Well, except for the very rare moments when she goes into an Orion-esque Power Kirby-induced berserker rage.

Powers and Abilities

Sings, and is good at encouraging others to sing with her. On-again-off-again ability to use the Power Kirby. Kid Kirby also bestowed on her a Mother Box from the "Kirby Zone," which she taught to communicate with her through music.

As Carina the Kirbian, wielded a "Mega-Staff" which helped her manage her powers.

Has a beat-up flying psychedelic VW bus, the Woodstock II.


Red and white jumpsuit. Long, slightly curly brown hair and brown eyes. As Kid Kirby's Herald, gained Kirbian armor.


She has a sister, Musical Lass. Lilly Paschall, aka Groundswell, is the Gay Cousin in her family. Doctor Stomper, Particle Man and Vel have all been in unrequited love with her.

Mentor to Ana Ng.

Her alternate-universe counterparts include Bring-Along Lass of the Oddballverse.



  1. At some point before Vel it seems to have come back, possibly as a result of the retcons that introduced Vel to the mainline Looniverse. (See Flame Wars V and VI.) There have also been a few hypertext-timeline strands where she continued to act as Kirby's herald, such as Net.ropolis #2; this may have been a knock-on effect of Barkseid retconning Ultimate Ninja's past.