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Doctor Stomper is a net.hero created by T. M. Neeck.
Alter Ego: Vincent Stomper
Aliases: Professor Stomper (future version), Mister Stomper (past)
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), official Legion science guy
Usability: Free For Use


Doctor Vincent Stomper[1] got his master's in education before moving into impossible physics. According to Birth of a Villain, in 1984, Mister Stomper was an everyday high school science teacher; this may have been while he was working on his PhD.[2]. In that storyline, a bunch of LNHers were sent back in time to his original lab and rescued him from The Red Squares; he arranged to have them put in cryogenic suspension to return to the then-present.

By the time of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, Stomper had already become a Doctor and joined the LNH. He made friends within the Legion quickly, becoming one of its long-term stalwarts. However, he had few intimate relationships; sensing the friendship between Doctor Stomper and Linguist Lass, Romantic Innuendo tried to pair them off, but in the long run, the relationship fizzled out.

One relationship that's changed quite a bit over the years is with his lab assistants. His nephew Johnny Stomper became his lab assistant after joining the LNH, but slipped gradually out of the role after joining the cast of Lurker Lad. After Flame Wars VI, Dr. Stomper picked up Vel as a lab assistant, but the influence of Screw-You-Over Lad made their relationship fractious, and Vel left quicky. Sometime around the rift crisis, he brought Mashup Laq on as assistant, in return for internship credits...

...and not long after, he took on Sister State-the-Obvious. Her perspective helped him avoid the super-scientist trope of missing the glaringly obvious, while he helped her find solace from her personal problems. But when Romantic Innuendo turned her into Sister Sexy, Evil and Mad as Hell, he had to confess his feelings for her to bring her back. Afterwards, they settled comfortably into dating, and without too much fanfare, got engaged.

One of the things that made the sabertooth virus so difficult to deal with was that Doctor Stomper got stuck in the Deep Omnilooniverse with Multi-Tasking Man right before it hit. Sister State-the-Obvious and Mashup Laq managed to rescue them, and Stomper created a cure – only for UltraKiwi Wondersock to hijack it! Supported by SStO, he summoned Queen Kiwidorah to help, and after all the battles were done, worked to stamp out the virus.


Thoughtful. Usually somewhat "out in space", contemplating thorny problems. Falls into a lot of the personality tropes of Silver Age super-scientists; is self-aware about this, and is grounded by his friends and loved ones, so he doesn't build a Negative Zone prison or something like that.

Powers and Abilities

Able to come up with an entertaining explanation for absurd plotlines and plot devices. (Note: this is open to interpretation as to whether the explanations themselves are absurd, or if they actually seem to cast light on what was originally seen as absurd.) This has resulted in a number of interesting occurences, such as when he explained a divergent Ellipses King out of existence.

Has several doctorates, and is the preeminent expert in, if not mad, at least mildly disturbed science.


Like your typical nuclear physicist [in other words, remarkably handsome, right? =)]

Almost always wearing a labcoat.


Pined after Sing-Along Lass for a long time. Is now engaged to Sister State-the-Obvious.

Johnny Stomper is his nephew. Lab assistants he's had include Johnny, Vel, Mashup Laq, and Sister State-the-Obvious.

His counterparts from other worlds include Lord Vincent of Stomper from Looniverse-AA, Deus Ex Stomper from Looniverse-Dantalion, Doctor Chompers of the Oddball Legion, and Doctor Trampler of the Rosterverse.



  1. No, we don't know why he's called that.
  2. According to Birth of a Villain #32, he was 24 at a time, though the chronology of the LNH's pre-CPDC history is fairly wibbly-wobbly so it's not clear how much older he was in the earlier LNH stories; Comic Book Time meant that he hadn't appeared to actually age much since then.