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Vel is a half-Dorf semi-net.hero created by Jesse Willey.
Alter Ego: Velnark X'Ronal Peterson
Aliases: The Prophet
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Usability: Reserved


In Flame Wars V, the LNH encountered the planet Haven, where beings of different races lived in harmony. There, they met Vel, a half-human half-Dorf who aided them in their quest. However, FWV was so bad that it was completely retconned out of existence.

But in Flame Wars VI, Vel returned, having been outside of time when the retcon happened. He explained that his father was a "conscripted ambassador" (read: abductee) who accidentally entered into a gladiatoral match against one of the valkyrie-esque female warriors known as the Order of Golyez. Since he survived the traditional twenty-minute match, they were automatically married.

He joined the LNH in their struggle against the Anti-Moderator, cultivating a relationship with Sing-Along Lass, and stuck around after the Anti-Moderator was destroyed. However, anti-Dorf sentiments hounded him, and he left— just as the Vel whose past had been retconned showed up! Doctor Killfile manipulated them, sending the original five thousand years into the past along with Jailbait and inserting himself into the new Vel's history in an attempt to take advantage of the Dorfian legend of the Prophet. However, the original Vel returned, and the new Vel broke his control and stopped him in the past.

He moved out, going to work at the Dorfian embassy. But when Haven went into a quantum paradox state, flickering between destruction and survival, he, Jailbait (or, rather, Seductress), Sing-Along Lass, and Nick Starless traveled back to ancient Dorfia, meeting up with his other self to stop the time-traveling cyborg Taup. They succeeded – but at the apparent cost of Sing-Along Lass's life. Vel went through emotionally confusing temporal shenanigans to get her back.



Kind of petty, and ready to make negative judgments of people, but tries to be positive. Conflicted over his identity.

Powers and Abilities

Highly intelligent and trained in combat techniques from half a dozen planets.


6'3" tall.




As well, dated Sing-Along Lass briefly,

Used time travel to have regular therapy sessions with Sigmund Freud.