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Seductress is a net.hero created by Martin Phipps.
Alter Ego: Jennifer Young
Aliases: Jailbait
Primary Writer: Martin Phipps
Status: Member of the LNH, former member of Gen 14, former member of Generation Y
Usability: Not Reserved


Jennifer acquired her powers thanks to an offer by the Fanboy King. The Fanboy King sent her and her fellow members of Gen 14 after Generation Y. She joined Generation Y after the breakup of Gen 14.

After Generation Y went their separate ways, Jailbait became a full-time member of the LNH. She traveled into space with both Cheesecake-Eater Lad and Vel; while with the latter, she was seemingly killed, stepping into a transporter set without any destination. However, they actually ended up five thousand years in the past on the planet Dorfia, and after months on one side, hours on the other, the LNH rescued them.

In the alt.ernate future of LNH2, she renamed herself Seductress and was a member of the LNH, having had a son with Vel, Dran. The main timeline mirrored this; after their adventures in the past, they began to grow closer together, she changed her name, and became pregnant with his child. But the pregnancy was a difficult one, the baby's uncontrolled powers manifesting in the womb, and when Dran was born, he had to be taken away by his father to the Dorf homeworld for treatment.


Mature for her age.

Powers and Abilities

Gravitational control. Started off fairly rough and indiscriminate, but learned fine control while training with Dorfian valkyries, and gained the ability to sense the gravimetric effect of objects around her.


Looked a lot older than she currently was, when she was thirteen. Has since grown into her own body a bit.