Doctor Killfile

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Doctor Killfile is a net.villain created by Steven Librande. See also Doctor Killfile II.
Alter Ego: Dr. Milton K. Fyle
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Current whereabouts unknown
Usability: Free For Use


In Real Life, Steven Librande, irritated by the number of LNH posts on rec.arts.comics, wrote a post declaring himself Doctor Killfile. This post kicked off the very first Chaotic Add-On Cascade, which would become known as the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, in which Doctor Killfile was a net.villain battling the LNH, enacting an eeeeevil plan in among a whole bunch of other ridiculous things happening.

He returned in The Cosmic Conspiracy alongside the Cult of the Cosmic Plot Device, plotting to create an army of cosmically-powered androids (including a resurrected Obscure Trivia Lad) and conquer the universe. Continuity Champ managed to stop him, and left him in a frankly excessively sadistic punishment which left his mind and body drained...

His comatose body returned in Looniverse Adrift!. It was fought over for its value as a pawn by both Master Workload and Lord Ebon. Though Killfile's will affected the battles in his mind, he was never a conscious participant in them, and he seemingly died, never having awoken, when he was thrown into a patch of scrambled reality...

(And then things happened in Teenfactor and Vel and Killfile Wars that we need to re-read before writing about here.)

A new Doctor Killfile has recently emerged, another one of his many long-lost kids (rumored to be a version of Carolyn Forge). The fate of the original is unknown.


In his earliest appearances, was a mildly goofy mad scientist; however, quickly became a fearsome foe of unlimited will and undying enmity.

Powers and Abilities

A scientific genius and a master of manipulating Killfile Energy. May have some net.ahuman abilities releated to the net.element of Thread.


The Cosmic Plot Device Caper didn't describe him, but both The Cosmic Conspiracy and Looniverse Adrift! showed him as a "5'3" balding, glasses-wearing nerd".

In the now-elsewhirled original Teenfactor series, he was depicted as a gentlemanly figure in top hat and tails, not unlike The Shade.


Captain Killfile is one of his children. Carolyn Forge (and her counterpart Electra) may also be, depending on which version of continuity you're looking at.

For more relatives, see Category:Killfile Dynasty.