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The Anti-Moderator is a cosmic force of judgment and destruction created by Martin Phipps.
Alter Ego: Russ Allbery
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Martin Phipps and Jesse Willey
Status: Destroyed
Usability: Reserved


When Russ Allbery became the moderator of RACC, he agreed to forego all judgment and let any story through as long as it fit the group's topic. But his expelled judgmental nature took on a life of its own as the Anti-Moderator, and sought to eliminate all worlds it found unfit. Using The Hungry Past, it created the Headhunters from the remains of the Hell's Titans Earth to carry out its judgment.

Excess foresaw the threat the Anti-Moderator posed to all existence, and joined several parallel Looniverses together to stabilize them. She amalgamated various counterparts of Ultimate Ninja into the Ultimate wReam and also joined Electra, Carolyn Forge and Erin Joy into Ultimate Electra. The two amalgamated heroes destroyed the Anti-Moderator and its heralds— but as long as the Moderator still knows judgmental thoughts, the Anti-Moderator may yet return...


A relentless and implacable being dedicated to judgment.

Powers and Abilities

The Anti-Moderator can destroy entire universes.


Unknown, probably indescribable.