Jesse Willey

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Jesse Willey, the dark horse, black sheep, and melanistic camel of the LNH writers. He arguably never really got the point of the LNH, but arguably wrote some interesting stories anyway, and was arguably one of the forces that kept the LNH alive in the early 2000s, even though he arguably needed a lot better editing and more exposition. There's always been a lot of argument where Jesse Willey is concerned. One last argument over the use of Electra in Adventures Beyond Comprehension led to frequent collaborator Amabel Holland elsewhirling all the stories involving his characters, which led to Jesse Willey leaving the LNH for good.

He wrote Hell's Titans, Action League New Brunswick, Necessary Evils, Boy Redundant Lad, some chapters of Saviors of the Net, The Team, Flame Wars VI (with Martin Phipps), Vel, and most of the Killfile Wars crossovers. Good luck understanding any of those series without having read the ones that preceded them.

His grocery list inspired a cascade, but his most enduring creation, of course, is Pointless Awards Man IV.