Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3

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Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3 is the flagship title of the Classic LNH imprint! A series anyone can write, starring anyone who's ever been a member of the LNH!

Each issue is a self-contained story, usually focusing on the viewpoint of a specific Legionnaire.

See also Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 1 and Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2.


Issue #1 CLASH OF TITANS! Marvel Zombie Lad versus... Marvel Zombie Girl?!
The Things We Leave Behind
Drew Nilium
Issue #2 The TERROR of June 26th, 2019! Drew Nilium
Issue #3 Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five and Part Six Sequels are Always Worse Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #4 Nil Custodes Carborundum Drew Nilium