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Jeanne Morningstar is full of emotions and elaborate continuity theories.

They started writing for RACC in their late teens in 2002 (under the name Adrian McClure) with the vaguely Green Lantern-inspired Sentry[1], which lasted all of one issue, and joined the LNH with Ultimate Mercenary in 2003. They wrote that miniseries at a highly erratic pace for several years before succumbing to the Apathy Beast in 2006 and forgetting all about RACC for a good six years.

In late 2011, however, they rediscovered RACC and returned from limbo just as a new era was beginning, somewhat like Captain America. They helped draw up a lot of the framework for LNH20 along with Drew Nilium and Lalo Martins. They wrote a fair amount of the Spoon of Destiny Saga, as well as the conclusion to the original UM miniseries, and an LNH20 Ultimate Mercenary series.

While the conclusion to Just Imagine and Spoon of Destiny were held up by various things, they worked on Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have An Ending, which integrated characters and plotlines from the Ultimate Mercenary mini into the Looniverse. This led to a new series— The Liminals, the most goofy, emotionally intense, and queer thing they've written to date.

Their work tends toward the highly mythic, introspective and descriptive, but has been getting increasingly silly over the years. And also increasingly gay. If there's an entry in this wiki that goes into ridiculous detail on backstory and has fairly convoluted syntax, it was probably written by them.[2]

They are a lifelong fan of Doctor Who, beginning with reading some of the novelizations and Wilderness Years-era novels (the source of the frequently occurring "capacious pockets").

Like Chris Claremont, they have a lot of running subplots and will never, ever stop bringing characters back once they've written them.

Drew Nilium is their "roommate" and frequent behind-the-scenes collaborator. Together, they've played a major role in defining the structure of the LNH in the post Beige Midnight era, introducing a lot of ridiculously elaborate and elaborately ridiculous new worldbuilding elements and ongoing plotlines.


They have hazel eyes.

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  1. Not to be confused with the vaguely-Green Lantern-inspired Patrol imprint.
  2. Since getting into Transformers and reading the Transformers Wiki, they also put in a lot of footnotes.
  3. The issue they routinely forget they ever wrote.