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The Patrol was the first non-LNH imprint on rec.arts.comics.creative. Indeed, it started on alt.comics.lnh, and was one of the things that lead to RACC's existence as a place that could extend beyond the LNH.


Ancient aliens seeded the universe with the Rechargers and the Gauntlets, tools used to promote Civilization and fight the Enemy. Members of the Patrol receive great power, but must take an oath: to Do No Harm.

LNH-Relevant Info

Constellation visited the Patrol Universe several times, but had to leave permanently when it was revealed that his reality-altering powers were affecting the natural laws the Gauntlets worked on, causing accidents and putting all Patrollers in danger.

The Matrix of Unity that Spartacus of the Guardians had in his chest was revealed to be one of his world's Rechargers.

Current Status

Currently, the imprint is defunct. The archives can be read at .