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The symbol of the Guardians.

The Guardians are a faction of RoboMACs who follow Spartacus and the liberators of MACkind.

Guardians feel that humanity needs to be preserved, and are willing to lay down their mobile artificial lives for it. They battle the MAC Empire and wear a shield-shaped insignia with a stylized star on it (see top of page).

Notable Guardians

  • Leader: Spartacus
  • Thresher
  • Tireiron: The Guardians' own "mad scientist", with an advanced but literal mind. Small for a giant robot.
  • Boomer: Communications expert with boombox form. Has miniature assistants who turn into datacubes.
  • MiniMACs/MunchkinMaster: A team of experimental human-scale warriors who can combine into an only-normally-giant robot.
  • Chiplex: One of the CityMACs of what was once North America, hosting a human enclave in his intelligent body.
  • Aurora: Local commander near Chiplex in 2124. In the Year of the Nanoplague, made a hard decision...

As well, Kopikat was originally a member of the Guardians before going rogue.