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System Corruptors is an anthology title that anyone can write, focusing on the Classic Looniverse's net.villains![1]

Issues and Storylines

Issues #1-4 [2] "The Bellerophon Gambit" Dave Van Domelen
Issue #2 Jungle Cheesecake Prelude wReam
Issues #2 and #3 "Net Star" Martin Phipps
Issue #3 "Stereotype Squad" Martin Phipps
Issues #4 and #5 "In Pursuit of the Net.Heroes" Martin Phipps
Issue #5 Paper Tigers Prologue Dave Van Domelen
Issue #5 "The Red Head" Martin Phipps
Issues #5-6 "You Only Live Two or Three Thousand Times, Tops!" K. Michael Wilcox
Issue #7 "The Grads Versus the Frat Boys" Martin Phipps
Issues #7-8 "Exotic Blends" Dave Van Domelen
Issue #9 Pliable Lad: "Stretching the Truth" Prologue Mike Escutia
Issue #9 "Psykeye" Martin Phipps
Issues #10-13 "Read Between the Lines" Mike Escutia
Issues #10 and #12 "Psycret Wars" Martin Phipps
Issue #11 "Rambug" K. Michael Wilcox
Issue #14 "Talking Heads", a Robot Invasion crossover Dave Van Domelen
Annual #1 "Robot Invasion Epilogue" Dave Van Domelen
Issue #15 "The Tangled Web of Deception" Martin Phipps
Issue #16 "Retcon Hour Alpha" Jeff McCoskey and Matt Rossi
Mini-Comic #1 "System Control" The Mystic Mongoose
Issues #17-20 "Manifest Destiny" Martin Phipps
Issue #21 "The LNH Files" Martin Phipps
Issue #21 "School for Swindle", part one of The Employee-Empowered, Paradigm-Shifted, Individually-Owned, Downsized, Streamlined, Re-Invigorated Crimes of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains Jeff McCoskey
Issue #22 "Bee Is For Bacillus" Jamas Enright
Issue #22 "Crimes of the Brotherhood: The Aftermath" Martin Phipps
Issue #23 "Files" Jamas Enright
Issue #24 "The Fan.Boy of Evil— Otaku!" Amabel Holland
Issue #24 "Secret of the Headquarters?" Dave Van Domelen
Issue #24 "A Possible Origin for Skunk Girl" Ted Brock
Issue #25 "What Am I Going To Otaku?" Amabel Holland
Issue #26 "The Coming of the Octopus", or, "Operation: Net.Zealand" Amabel Holland
Issue #30 [3] "Focus on: The New Brotherhood of Net.Villains^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H*HEROES?!" Ted Brock
Issue #31 "Mind-O-Saurus Knows Best!" Arthur Spitzer
Issue #27 [4] "Labyrinth" Rob Rogers
Issue #28 "The Queen's Tale" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #29 "Before the Fall" Rob Rogers
Issue #32 "The Heroine's Journey, Chapter 1: Netscape: Torment" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #33 "Exclusive Economic Zone" Drew Nilium
Issues #34-35 "Rise of the East Coast Brotherhood" Jeanne Morningstar
Issue #36 "Hungry Designs" (A Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! tie-in) Drew Nilium
Issue #37 "An Honest Mistake" (A Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! Epi-Epilog) Drew Nilium


  1. Not to be confused with the System Corrupters.
  2. The first thirteen issues of System Corruptors have multiple serial stories per issue by different writers (as do a few of the later issues). They will be listed here by storyline, and linked to by where they are in the archive. The Eyrie Archive's directory for the series has a helpful notes file that explains further.
  3. After issue #26, Ted Brock skipped forward to #30 by accident. Years later, #31 was posted, then Rob Rogers skipped back to #27. #28 and 29 were posted in order, and afterwards, Jeanne Morningstar resumed with #32.
  4. Issue #27, "Labyrinth", won RACCies:Favorite Single Issue in 2011.