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The Net.Elementalist is a net.hero created by Jamas Enright.
Alter Ego: Barry Allen Knewbee
Aliases: Fan.Boy, Fan.Doom, MoreCuteAs
Primary Writer: Jamas Enright
Status: Member of the Alt.Riders
Usability: Usable With Permission


Barry Allen Knewbee lived in Real World Minus One. When an accident involving the Peril Room, the HoloDecStations, and the Transmat Chambers happened in LNHQ, he was thrown into the Looniverse. Having read lots of alt.comics.lnh, he was a fan of the net.heroes, so became Fan.Boy.

Accidentally traveling to the dystopian Rosterverse, he discovered his ability to return from death, bringing Faq Boy back with him.

After many adventures, including falling in love with a man from an alternative future named Dreck, he had to give up his powers.

However, he was given what he immediately recognised as the Rung of Revamp, which turned him into the Net.Elementalist and allowed him to join the Alt.Riders. Although he now works with the Alt.Riders, he lives with his family in Phila.DEL.phia.

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When the Inhilators attacked during War Without Worlds, they brainwashed him into MoreCuteAs, their herald. He returned to normal after their psychic influence was removed.

During Beige Midnight, he joined the Bicycle Liberation Front and helped carry out their plan to reveal Hex Luthor's perfidy to the world.


Although hardened, he is still somewhat naive, and his emotions can run him. He does try to be nice, but often has to be harsh.

Powers and Abilities

The Net.Elementalist has the ability to control one of the net.elements of the Looniverse (at a time. His suit changes colour depending on the net.element; Thread is blue, Net is white, Flame is red, and Keystroke is brown.

As Fan.Boy, he had the ability to stun opponents by speaking in punctuation. He was connected to alternate versions of himself across all of Usenet, with the ability to switch into their bodies with an effort of will, and could read Usenet posts in his head. Whenever he was killed, he would come back in the Transmat Chambers the next time the Peril Room was activated.


An all-over black suit with a band that goes around his head, covering his eyes (replacing his glasses). It changes colours as he changes what net.element he controls. He can mentally will the suit to expose his body.


As Fan.Boy, he had counterparts in every newsgroup in existence. Each of these counterparts was a passionate fan of the group's subject matter, with overwhelming knowledge and enthusiasm. He shared alt.telepathy with them, and could project his mind into any of them, though he had to go to their native newsgroup to retrieve his own mind.

The existence of the alternate Fan.Boys was first discovered when Retcon Lad and Fourth Wall Lass traveled to and found someone identical to Fan.Boy. When traveling along with Retcon Lad to investigate his counterparts, he met the Fan.Boys of, alt.drwho.creative,, and His rec.arts.anime.creative counterpart was the evil Otaku, who aided Pope in his attempt at conquering Looniearth. The Cosmic Plot Device Caper also referred to a "Fanboy (incarnation #32, you know him)" who was killed by Manga Man; this may have been the Fan.Boy of rec.arts.comics.

Additionally, Faq Boy is his counterpart from the Rosterverse.