Rung of Revamp

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The Rung of Revamp is a powerful plot device hidden in the mysterious Jungle Island of Glak. Once it was part of the Ladder of Comic Success. It gives its user the power to rewrite their identity.

People who have used the Rung of Revamp


Originally, the Rung of Revamp gave a character a completely new net.hero identity. Somewhere along the line, it switched to powering up existing powers. It's not known how this happened, but Burst Beetle M-Plot specifically undid this in Burst Beetle Tweseveny #9, and also "cast it back" to Jungle Cheesecake. Whether this means it's part of some kind of weird time-loop thing or simply on the Island of Glak again is as yet undetermined, but as of WikiLull #10 it seems to have returned to its original function.