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wReamhack is a net.hero created by wReam.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: RosterwReam
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), LNHQ systems administrator
Usability: Not Reserved


RosterwReam first appeared as List Lad's sidekick, helping him work on the roster of the LNH. He soon became tired of List Lad's haranguing. When Master Roster Man became co-keeper of the roster, RwR felt it was time for a change...

During Jungle Cheesecake, RosterwReam used the Rung of Revamp to transform himself into wReamhack. <more>


His curiosity often gets the better of him.

Powers and Abilities

Full-out superhuman computer hacker. Makes some damn strong coffee.


<fill in later>


One of the few close friends of Occultism Kid.

Used to hang out with Parking Karma Kid, Cheesecake-Eater Lad, and Cannon Fodder in an informal Subgroup they referred to as "the wReam Pack", but it drifted apart after Cheesecake-Eater Lad got married.

His alternate-universe counterparts include wReamhock of the Oddball Legion.