Flame Wars II

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The Flame Wars II: The Drizzt Gambit was a multi-writer Classic LNH miniseries that served as a sequel to The Flame Wars and a setup for several other LNH storylines. (See also Flame Wars III, Flame Wars IV, Flame Wars V, Flame Wars VI, Flame Wars Final, and the term flamewar.) It was written by Drizzt, Gary St. Lawrence, Zen and Martin Phipps.

The series can be found as a single part in the Eyrie archives on the Web here or by FTP here.


The Dorfs have kidnapped Super Apathy Lad and Sing-Along Lass! But what does the comfortably collegiate cosmic being known as The Drizzt have to do of it – and what of the machinations of the mysterious Anti-Drizzt?


The series handily set up the status quo for Continuity Champ and the Drizzt's Defenders, as well as tying into events in Kid Kirby and Sing-Along Lass and Particle Man.