The Flame Wars

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The Flame Wars was the first multi-writer LNH storyline with a plot worked out in advance (by Drizzt). (See also Flame Wars II, Flame Wars III, Flame Wars IV, Flame Wars V, Flame Wars VI, Flame Wars Final, and the term flamewar.)

  • Chapter One: "Strange Things Afoot" by Drizzt
  • Chapter Two: "10% Of the Looniverse Gets Knocked Off" by Stephane Savoie
  • Chapter Three: "Caught Between a Rock and a Hardcase" by Zen
  • Chapter Four: "Fight a Little Fight" by Jef Kolodziej
  • Chapter Five: "Running the Gauntlet" by Gary St. Lawrence
  • Chapter Six: "Ye Merry Olde Conclusion" by Drizzt


A man wearing a jeweled gauntlet plots against the LNH. Cosmic beings known as the Editors warn that the staggeringly powerful Insanity Gems have been taken, just as ten percent of the Looniverse disappears. The Collector and The Speculator offer aid, but what are their true motives? And who is The Man behind these fearsome events?

Where to Read

The series can be found as a single part in the Eyrie Archive on the Web here or by FTP here.