The Man With the Black Hat

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The Man With The Black Hat is a net.villain created by Gary St. Lawrence.
Alter Ego: Norbert Budge
Aliases: The Man, The Man Who Now Has A Leather Gauntlet Jeweled With The Insanity Gems
Primary Writer: None
Status: Freelance net.villain
Usability: Not Reserved


The Man With The Black Hat was once Norbert Budge, an unemployed sub-accountant with bad breath and flat feet. One day, he accidentally stumbled across the wondrous Black Hat while cleaning his septic system and used its terrific power to become The Man In The Black Hat, conqueror of the galaxy!

He had a long and distinguished career in comics like LNH Quarterly #24, The LNH #57-61, and Well-Dressed Comics #4, none of which actually exist.

His first published appearance was in The Flame Wars, wherein he revealed that, after his defeat in Tales of the LNH #186, he had become The Man Who Now Has A Leather Gauntlet Jeweled With The Insanity Gems. Enacting a plan to gain legal claim over 10% of the Looniverse, he was defeated and the Insanity Gems taken, but he escaped.

He reappeared in Tales of the LNH #330, scarred by having borne the Gems. Panta healed him of these ills and prevented him from kicking off a timeline in which the Marvel Empire would use the Gems to conquer the galaxy.


Scheming, megalomaniacal, villainous.

Powers and Abilities

All the wondrous and villainous powers of the fabled Black Hat!


Wears an expensive Schnooks Brothers suit along with his trademark Black Hat.