Flame Wars III

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Flame Wars III was a Classic LNH crossover that ran from October to December of 1995, written by Jeff McCoskey, Saxon Brenton, Jamas Enright, Jessica "Jaelle" Ihimaera-Smiler, Jennifer "Mistlock" Whitson, and Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes. It concerned way too many time travelers.

See also The Flame Wars, Flame Wars II, Flame Wars IV, Flame Wars V, Flame Wars VI, Flame Wars Final, and the term flamewar.


An amnesiac regains his memories... and declares war on all time travelers, as Flashback! The Good Kid, a young, newbie net.hero trying to join the LNH under several ridiculous identities, gets swept up in the chaos! And a Cosmically Important Point draws in time-tourists, super-evolved sadists, and weird relatives, as the LNH struggles to unlock the secrets of Flashback – before time runs out!

Associated Issues

These issues were handily reposted by Arthur Spitzer as "Classic LNH Adventures":

  • Part One (LNH Triple Play #8 and Limp-Asparagus Lad #18)
  • Part Two (Fan.Boy #11 and Writer's Block Woman (and Mouse) #21)
  • Part Three (Misfits #13 and Insanity Unlimited #2)