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Constellation is the story of Constellation, alias Flood of They Might Be Villains, and his journey through the self (and, incidentally, half the imprints on rec.arts.comics.creative).

The "Evolution" arc (issues #32-26) won RACCies:Favorite Arc in the 1994 awards. After issue #36, it became Dvandom Force.

Early issues crossed over intensively with Particle Man.

The series can be read on the Eyrie Archive over here.

Universes Visited


  • #1: "Out of the Net"
  • #2-3: "Character Flaws"/"Baptism in Fire...or Last Rites?" (Lord Ebon in the Curseworld)
  • #4: "The Scales Of Justice, the Weights of Vengeance"
  • #5: "Ebon Reflections", a crossover with Raiders #32
  • #6-8: "Resolutions, Digressions and a Few Secrets"/"Limbo Beat"/"Doors Are Real Tricky" (formation of the Secret Dvanders)
  • #9: "Upping the Ante"
  • #10: "On Patrol", a Patrol crossover
  • #11-12: "Several Vile and Natural Acts"/"I Live, Evil I" (Lord Ebon in the Looniverse)
  • #13-16: Bad Forms
  • #17: "Corruption is a Transformation", a Looniverse Adrift! tie-in and a Robot Invasion prologue
  • #18: "I've Got A Match", an Oddball Legion story, also with a Robot Invasion prologue
  • #19: "Actual Size", a Patrol crossover, plus more Robot Invasion prologue
  • #20: "Homecoming, But Not Coming Home", more Robot Invasion prologue peppered with Retcon Hour prologue
  • #21-24: Robot Invasion!
  • #25: "The Secret Origin(s) of Squid Boy!"/"The Kat Kame Back"
  • #26: "The Call"
  • #27: "Why Did Myk-El Betray The Legion of Net.Heroes?" (Retcon Hour prologue)
  • #28-29: Squidquest: The Charade
  • #30-31: "Who is Kid Macro?"/"Let This Be Your Last Battlescene?" (Retcon Hour tie-in)
  • #32-36: Evolution
  • Special: "A Man Walks Into A Bar...."