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Dvandom Force is a subgroup of the LNH composed chiefly of Dave Van Domelen's characters. They were originally known as the Secret Dvanders. For quite a while, they operated out of Sig.ago, but eventually moved to northern Illi.net. They had their own series, picking up where Constellation's series left off, which concluded at issue #100. They teamed up with Superguy's Team M.E.C.H.A. as part of the Grand Tour.

First appearance as the Secret Dvanders: Constellation #8
First appearance as Dvandom Force: Constellation #34

Members of the Secret Dvanders:

Art by Dave Van Domelen. From left to right, back: Kat, Sidewinder, Squidman, Macroman, Lynk; front: Kid Pocky, The VAXX; circa Dvandom Force #74-75.

Members of Dvandom Force:

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