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The ASH imprint was created by Dave Van Domelen. It is the oldest still active on RACC other than the LNH itself.

On July 6th, 1998, two-thirds of the world's population died, including all of the superhumans. In 2023, the next generation of superhumans, trained by the North American Combine, come together to defend this strange new world!

The ASH setting developed out of the same source material as the Raiders Universe, but is distinct. Due to the mechanics of the world (and Dvandom's preferences), there are generally very few crossovers from other imprints. However, this world is known to have had its own version of Constellation, and the Multiversal Office has made multiple incursions.

LNH characters are fictional in the ASH universe. Several times, Netwalker (Nate Walker, a superhuman with the ability of direct mind-to-computer interface) has gathered together teams to defend the future Internet from threats, giving them personas based on the LNH. See LNH 20XX.

In 1999, ASH won RACCies:Favorite Story Universe, and many ASH stories have won RACCies in other categories.

Every ASH story can be read on Dave Van Domelen's ASH page.