Robot Invasion

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Robot Invasion was a Classic LNH crossover that took place in March and April of 1994 (with some issues delayed to later that year), masterminded by Dave Van Domelen and featuring the work of Mike Escutia, Rob Rogers, the Mystic Mongoose, Josh Geurink, Kyle Lucke, Jameel al Khafiz, and Arthur Spitzer, and featuring: Giant robots!


Giant robots known as RoboMACs are invading the Looniearth! Acton Lord has unleashed something he cannot hold back! Can the net.heroes hold their own against an all-out attack from another world? What of the heroic robots known as the Guardians – and the secret that not even they know lies within!?


The central storyline of the crossover was in Constellation #21-24, System Corruptors #14, and System Corruptors Giant-Sized Annual #1.


Flashback Tie-Ins


The central storyline in Constellation won the RACC Hall of Fame FAVORITE ARC award in 2009, identifying it as one of the best story arcs ever posted to RACC.